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If you have an electric clothes that can provide power for old people

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When people become old and old, then action will inconvenience,this also is a trouble for the elderly, if can solve this problem, will be a great help for the elderly.

However, it is said that Superflex startups are developing a device called  "electric clothing", this lightweight clothing will be equipped with electronic muscle, can support human torso and hips and legs when the person in activity or static state.

Superflex CEO Rich Mahoney said it unlike exoskeleton machinery, exoskeleton itself is a framework in vitro.It is usually bulky, has certain limitation on the design.And Superflex in research and development is a lightweight clothing with wearable robot.

Superflex developed called Aurora electric suit can put the power battery integrated into clothing, abd clothing itself is use the light flexible fabric material. A built-in motor and sensor in the clothing of hexagonal gear.Aurora will make use of artificial intelligence and the body's natural movement coordination, extra muscle strength for elderly.

Let's look at the new electric clothes prototypes.