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The most popular seven women sweater design

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Sweater, it is a necessary product of autumn and winter, when the weather is getting cold, you need to add too keep warm, and when the weather becomes warm again, just wear one sweater is enough.

Today JM summarized seven styles that are popular from autumn to winter.

1. [ Coarse gauge turtleneck ]
The weather is getting cold, we need a turtleneck sweater to keep us warm, this coarse needle turtleneck just solve our troubles, if you worry about it too loose and not slim fit, that you can use a belt.

2. [ Off- shoulder ]
Off- shoudler design from this summer has been popular, even though the weather is getting cold, but that doesn't mean we have to give up this trend, after all the off- shoulder design let you looks really beautiful, and this trend will continue in spring.

3. [ Orange color ]
Who says the autumn and winter it is black, white and grey color, this year the popular orange color will make you fall in love with it, high saturation of color to let you in the crowd is definitely the most famous one.

4. [ Patchwork ]
Who says two different material of clothes can't harmonious existence, if you have observed, you will find the designers have bold attempt, and a growing number of street snap presentation are also suggests that this trend is bound to great heat.

5. [ Stripe design ]
Everybody all know the stripe design, so JM will not introduce, anyway, very easy to match.

6. [ Retro pattern ]
Retro style feel in popular all the year round, never stopped.

7. [ Candy color ]
Think about wear the red color clothes only in Christmas, but this year is different, you can no longer continue to wear black and white and grey color, let colorful enjoy your autumn and winter.